iBuild Africa

iBuild Africa is a youth-led equal-gendered movement that strives to unite African young potentials to take action on the continent’s challenges.

We are using the power of internet and social media to build a network of young African leaders who are making informed decisions to:

  • Challenge the stereotypes
  • Break the cycle of violence
  • Contribute to the development of their communities.


IBuild Africa is currently inviting nominations for membership from individuals who are passionate about building Africa and participating in tackling the continent’s most pressing issues. The selection process strives to achieve a transparent, balanced and representative Delegation with strong consideration for the following attributes:

  • Regional representation.
  • Gender & youth (UN Youth Definition: 25 years and younger).
  • Experience in civil society/advocacy.

The Delegation operates in English. Linguists, who possess strong working competencies in the other languages (French, Arabic) should feel free to apply.

Length of Term

The term of office is for a period of two (2) years (2017-2019). The member will form part of a team of delegation members, democratically led by a leadership team (a board member, an alternate board member, and a communication focal point)

Criteria for Selection

  1. Be a resident of any of the African countries.
  2. Have minimum 2 years of experience in NGO work.
  3. Ability and capacity to communicate and network effectively and broadly (must have functioning communications linkages such as: Internet, telephone, computer and email address)
  4. Be culturally competent in communicating with diverse people and groups. Skills in communication, IT and management procedures are particularly welcomed.
  5. Must demonstrate ability to work in written and spoken English or French or Arabic (Additional languages are greatly desired and welcomed).

To apply, please fill the Membership Form

* Please note that being a member of iBuild Africa is a voluntary unpaid position.

* Check the iBuild Africa’s online resources below for more information.