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One of the unfortunate things about the internet is the fact that its research results can often be misleading and highly biased. Have you ever googled the word “Africa” in an attempt to learn more about it, but were bombarded with scary News Headlines and thousands upon hundreds of what is probably false information?

Well, we have and we DECIDED to take action, thus AFReminder came to exist; AFReminder aims to celebrate African heritage, history, and success by countering false misleading information propagated by questionable sources through short and effective reminders. The premise of this campaign is to regularly provide our audience with valid information about various topics relating to Africa, its history, and its present. It is an educational campaign made easy through its light approach to educate and entertain simultaneously.

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African Sayings

“African Sayings” is a campaign that aims to debunk the belief that Africans are barbaric and uneducated, and assert the fact that Africans are humane and incredibly knowledgeable of the world and its current affairs. “African Sayings”, varying from proverbs to maxims, to quotes, mottos, and the list goes on, contains both wisdom and poetry. These documented pieces of wisdom play an important part in the different African cultures across the continent; they are a higher means of communication. They carry insight, convey wisdom, reflect the truth, and constitute a gate of discovery for ideas, as well as life lessons. The fact that they do so proves their universality and validity in spite of dating back to thousands and hundreds of years ago. With that being said, iBuild Africa recognizes that building Africa can also be done through contributing to the process of making our “almost forgotten” bygone cultural relics resurface, and present it to our Youths. In other words, “African sayings” seeks to create a digital archive that provides our globalized Africa a taste of what the previous generations of our ancestors had to say about life and its intricacies. As well as educating Africans (and non-Africans) about their history that keeps being swept under the rug by modern society.